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Are you a Texas real estate developer who is constantly challenged with high construction costs and over budget projects? Generational Designs has solutions to help increase project profitability to:

  • Lease-up / Sell Faster
  • Support Higher Rent / Sale Prices
  • Activate and Sustain Upscale Mixed Use
  • Revenue-add and Revenue-Share Opportunities

Our extensive research has revealed a massive untapped audience, searching for luxurious home communities that speak to “freedom from running a home” and well-designed spaces that are functional, healthy and comfortable. We know how to address their desires with excellent design and effective marketing to attract this audience to your projects with our 8-step consulting process.

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Unlock the True Potential of This Lucrative Market

With over 30 years of experience in interior design, marketing and sales, we know what it takes to make a home community project successful. Our understanding and knowledge of how to attract this exclusive and underserved market of people seeking luxury home communities that speak to “freedom from running a home” and well-designed spaces that are functional, healthy and comfortable is based upon extensive market research. This has given us insight into their expectations of a new home and community.

    A place that allows them more freedom to pursue their aspirations vs running a home, is multi-generational, and has access to trails and other amenities.
    The ability to customize their space which will seem like it was designed just for them—including innovative storage solutions, upgraded appliances, work from home solutions, and other items.
    The disposable income to support higher rent / sale prices, activate and sustain upscale mixed use, and the ability to pay for what they want in a home.

Our deep understanding of this clientele, combined with our marketing and sales knowledge means we can help you lease-up/sell faster with messaging that speaks their language.

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Design Expertise
Design experience/Living in Place design credentials driven by extensive market research on target audience.
Sales & Marketing Experience
Effectively reach target audience and make it easy for residents to say “yes.”

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What People Are Saying About Us

"Connie is on the development team for our planned luxury home community in Cardinal Woods, Granbury, TX. She is assisting us with pre-development design services to attract our target market - Affluent Empty Nesters looking for a simplified living experience. We believe our home designs and amenities will serve to differentiate our product to meet the desires of our market, which will contribute to timely/successful sales."

Richard Bates, President

Bellaire North Investments​ (Residential & Commercial Development)

"When we decided to update our 1970’s vintage office space, Connie came to the rescue. She brought us together around a design concept and was with us every step of the way throughout the implementation of the remodeling project. Connie presented budget sensitive options, advice and most important of all, the confidence that only experience can bring."

Andy Taft, President

Downtown Fort Worth, Inc. (Commercial)

"Connie created a magnificent space for a client in one of our buildings.She was mindful of all parties’ concerns and every party to the transaction benefited from her expertise and professionalism."

Whit Kelly

Transwestern Real Estate​ (Commercial Real Estate)

"Connie has helped me with several projects at Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County and has done a phenomenal job on each one. I know very little about design but she makes everything simple yet eloquent and easy to understand. I undoubtedly recommend Connie for any of your design projects."

Don Shisler, President/CEO

Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County

"The 'Most Connected Woman in Ft. Worth.' I hired Connie Blake to help our company, Electro Acoustics, inc., research potential markets and advise us on branding and communication. She is awesome and had many immediate recommendations we are already implementing. She also immediately connected me with market leaders and others in similar segments that we could partner with. My only problem is keeping up with her.I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Connie to help with any marketing/connecting efforts. She is awesome!"

Chris Jordan, President/Chief Steward

Electro Acoustics, Inc.

"I have known and worked with Connie for several years on various office space projects and we are fellow Rotarians. She applies the Rotary International Four Way Test to everything in life and business — Is it the Truth? Is it Fair to all concerned?  Will it build Good Will and Better Friendships?Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?  This philosophy, along with her design and passion, spells success for her business and I can highly recommend her both professionally and personally."

Richard Minker, Senior Director

Worth Commercial Real Estate

"Whether helping to select furniture or fabric, designing a layout, or discussing ergonomics, Connie is the consummate professional, and she always keeps the client's best interests in mind. I have utilized Connie's talents on a number of occasions and have always been pleased with her services. I highly recommend her."

Gretchen Smith, Co-Founder, EVP, Secretary/Treasurer

WhitneySmith Company

"I knew Connie, but hadn’t worked with her. When I told my builder we had contracted her, he immediately responded, “she’s the best in the business.” So with high expectations set, I have to say that Connie still exceeded my expectations on every level. Her organizational skills, professionalism, vast experience, attention to every detail, and amazing creative taste made our complex project an overwhelming success!"

Jeff Schmeltekopf, Owner / Partner

Dean, Jacobson Financial Services

About Generational Designs

Connie Blake, founder of Generational Designs, helps real estate developers of luxury multifamily and single family home communities increase revenue on their projects by attracting an exclusive and underserved market of people looking for luxury home communities that speak to “freedom from running a home” and well-designed spaces that are functional, healthy and comfortable. 

This market has disposable income which will support higher rents/sales as well as activate and sustain upscale mixed use in developments. After extensive market research, Connie discovered precisely what this market desires in a home and respective community.

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